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Toulouse, France - Google Street View and Maps

Toulouse (French: Toulouse) is located in the banks of the Garonne, southwest France, roughly at the midpoint between the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, Haute-Garonne, Midi - Pyrenees region capital, 590 km (366 miles) from Paris. As of January 1, 2008, Toulouse city with 1,202,889 residents, ref the fourth largest city in France after Paris (12.1 million), Lyon (2,100,000), Marseille (1.7 million).Toulouse is France's second largest city and a total of three comprehensive universities, many engineering schools and higher professional schools.If Paris on behalf of the French romantic fashion, with the French southern city of Toulouse, as exudes a natural and rustic atmosphere. For me, here perhaps than Paris France - There are corpses vineyards and Europe's largest castle, full continental bucolic. Toulouse City, located in the southwest of France, from Paris, more than seven hundred kilometers, population 400,000, is the capital of southwestern France, Pyrenees region, an area of 118 square kilometers and a population of 741,000, of which the urban population of 399,500. Is the fourth largest city in France. Here is the French and European aviation and industrial center of the universe, Airbus (Airbus), Dassault fighter production base, there are many strong electronics and manufacturing company.
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