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Rockefeller Center, NY, US - Google Street View and Maps

Rockefeller Center ( Rockefeller Center ) which is the greatest twentieth Century city plan, the area covers an area of 22 acres, surrounded by 19 buildings plastic out of the active region, for the public use of space also opened a city planning for the new style, complete shopping malls and office building in the city after Wall Street, New York second city centre. Designer Raymond M. Hood. Made up of four buildings, each building floor is the same. The largest of which is the general electric building, 259 meters high, a total of 70 layer. In 1939 to complete construction. Rockefeller Center ( RockefellerCenter ) is one includes nineteen buildings, covers an area of twenty-two acres ( 89029.6 square meters ) buildings. National TV show broadcast base mostly here, many international companies have set up headquarters in here. Underground shops and restaurants, all the building together. Square eye-catching, it is city of oasis of peace, flying the UN 159 flags. In the square and 5 Avenue between the sidewalk, appears to be a garden.
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