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City of Seattle, Wa, Us - Google Street View and Maps

Seattle is located in the U.S. state of Washington, is an important commercial and industrial city in the northwestern United States, port. Pro Tonglian Puget Sound in the Pacific. A population of 488,000 (1984), a large urban area the (Evo Reiter) 1,600,000 (1980). American northwest regional trade port, a huge harbor facilities, is the gateway to aviation and shipping to Alaska and the Far East. Financial center. Was founded in 1852.City of Seattle - Seattle City was built in 1869, a population of 540,000, the municipal area of ​​218 square kilometers.Washington fisheries and timber processing, high-tech manufacturing, and health centers; Seattle area perennial is Qingshanlvshui to surround, the sky not when under some large or small rain, no wonder people claiming there are only two colors: sunnyemerald green, gray and rainy days. Rather distant, is the highest volcano - Mount Rainier (Mount Rainier). Seattle official also known as the Emerald City (the Emerald City) ", other aliases include" Rain City (the Rainy City), "The Evergreen City (Evergreen City), Alaska portal (the Gateway to Alaska) "Queen City (Queen City)" and "City of Jets (Jet City)" and so on.
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